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The Event

Every semester, Beta Alpha Psi (BAΨ), the Accounting Association (AA), Management Information Systems Association (MISA), and Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) sponsor Meet the Firms. Meet the Firms is a career fair for CSUN students featuring public accounting and information  firms, private industry companies, and governmental agencies that recruit accounting and information systems majors.  Company representatives attending Meet the Firms include professionals at all levels of accounting and information systems – new hires to partners and principals.  HR recruiters often accompany them.

This is your opportunity to meet many potential employers and to make a positive and lasting impression. It is important to attend events and meet people as early in your academic career as possible.

This point cannot be overemphasized. The sooner they get to know and remember you, the easier it will be to secure a job before your graduation.  However, even if you are attending your first Meet the Firms just prior to graduation, it is not too late!  Every person you meet and every conversation you have will increase your opportunities of obtaining and succeeding at interviews.

Attending “Meet the Firms” is an important step in the recruiting process. Although you may be intimidated at first, as you attend more events, you will become more comfortable talking with professionals. Therefore, it is critical to get a head start in the recruiting process.

The Committee

The Fall 2017 Meet the Firms Committee would like to thank all firm members for their continuous support with the Meet the Firms event at California State University, Northridge.

Meet the Firms Fall 2017 Committee Members:




(MISA) Management Information Systems Association
Jessie Gonzalez – Committee Chair (Middle)
Patrick Mallari – Director (Left)
Jonathan Reynoso – Director (Right)


(AA) Accounting Association
Melia Cummings – Vice President (Right)
Jose Villa – Director (Middle)
Nancy Maldonado – Director (Left)


(ALPFA) Association of Latino Professionals for America
Emily Inestroza – Director (Left)
Bryan Gonzalez – Director (Right)


(BAΨ) Beta Alpha Psi
Anzhelika Chzhan – Director (Left)
Paulina Magtesian – Director (Right)