Tips for Firms

Tips for a successful evening at Meet the Firms:

  • Bring a sufficient number of firm professionals and students to minimize the wait time for students | bring a sufficient number of firm professionals per practice area for which you are actively recruiting CSUN students.
  • Firms who are sponsoring students are limited to no more than five (5) students who have completed an internship with the firm; students who have not yet completed an internship are not eligible to attend as sponsored students.
  • Please prepare your firm representatives to:
    • be warm and welcoming to all CSUN students who approach them;
    • discuss anticipated questions and be willing to speak with students about topics that are of interest to the students no matter their class level;
    • discuss the specific opportunities for which the firm is recruiting directly, or be able to provide referrals for other opportunities within the firm;
    • provide information about upcoming firm events and dates at CSUN (i.e., student organization presentations and technical meetings, office hours and coffee chats, and on-campus recruiting dates for resume submission and interviews); and
    • refer students to SUNlink and/or your website for your job postings

Please arrive early (~5 pm) to setup your booth Рwe plan to have designated parking for firm professionals.  You will also have time to get some food before the students enter the firm exhibit areas (~6 pm).